Saturday, November 24, 2012

Scrap Steel And Copper Prices Per kg UK

It is a well known fact that copper is the most widely used metal in industry. Because of high demand of copper, recycled copper prices have increased considerably over the last few years. For Scrap copper and lead, the price is not dependent on fact that they are relics. Copper prices in UK are monitored by the Metal Exchange of London. 

Scrap steel prices per kg uk is currently £2.50 per kg clean. Steel is something without which we can not imagine our life so convenient. From kitchen to heavy industry, steel is used in many ways. Automobile, construction and electronics industries can not be imagined without steel.

Internet is the best available source which can be used for comparison of price of scrap steel prices per kg uk. Apart from Metal Exchange of London, there are many local websites, which can be used to have a check on price of various metals.


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