Saturday, January 26, 2013

2013 Scrap Copper Price Per Pound

People are constantly looking for ways to make money. From doing odd jobs, to starting online businesses to having a garage sale, people are constantly seeking ways to gain extra income. One way of doing so is by collecting scrap metal. Scrap metal is used in places like garages so if one can collect as much as possible he/she is bound to earn some extra money.

2013 scrap copper price per pound can vary depending type of scrap. Currently #1 copper which refers to uncoated or copper that is not mixed with other metals goes for about $3.92 per pound. #2 copper which can refer to scrap copper like wires goes for $2.9 per pound. Light copper like kettles or boilers go for $2.82 per pound.

Some places to find scrap copper include construction sites, old copper art pieces like statues, old electronics, plumbing and so on and so forth. The 2013 scrap copper price per pound change so one is bound to make some money as prices increase

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